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2nd Amendment Right Muster and Education Day


  • To muster & educate both the 'pro's' and the 'anti's' for a common cause - safety education.
  • To provide funding through donations for firearm safety educational purposes.
  • To alert everyone that the 2nd Amendment is a right and should not become a privilege through licensing and legislation.
  • To encourage all men, women, and children to contact their elected officials to express their views.

The 2nd Amendment Right Muster and Education Day is 10am on the first Saturday of October each year. It is a nationwide summons for law-abiding citizens to assemble and assert their Second Amendment right as well as educate individuals on the Amendment and firearm safety.

Time until 2ARMED - 10am
first Saturday in October:

[Years:Days:Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Tenth of Seconds]

What does this mean?

Well, let’s look at the acronym "2ARMED":

  • 2AR = 2nd Amendment Right: The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States as contained in the Bill of Rights – the right to keep and bear arms.

  • M = Muster: To gather, collect, summon or assemble.

  • E = Education: The act or process of providing training or knowledge, or to develop mental or moral growth.

  • D = Day: A period of activity or prominence; of opportunity.

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The Sierra Times

Contact Information

Postal address
3120 Grape Creek Road
San Angelo, Texas 76903
Electronic mail
General Information: 2ARMED@USA2076.COM

How to Muster:

  • Go to your shooting range (muster) and exercise your right or attend an organized event.
  • Organize an event at your local range to educate others on the 2nd Amendment and firearms safety.
  • Contact your elected officials and advocate your right (We recommend downloading 2ARMED targets, sign them after use, and then send them to your Local, State and Federal representatives so they know where you stand on the 2nd Amendment).
  • Join a Local, State and/or National organization that advocates your 2nd Amendment right.
  • Speak at your local organization or club and advocate the 2nd Amendment and firearm safety education.
  • Send a press release about 2ARMED to your local media - newspapers, television and radio stations advocating the 2nd Amendment and firearm safety education.
  • Attend your local school board meeting and/or Parent-Teacher Association (or equivalent) and request firearm safety education be presented to school aged children.
  • Vote in the upcoming elections for candidates that support your point of view.




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