A little Bit About Faries

Fairies can live anywhere; there are domestic fairies and wild fairies, water fairies that dwell in rivers, lakes and the sea, forests, fields and subterranean fairies that live under the hills. In Victorian times, it was believed that fairies lived at the end the garden. Fairies are also thought to live in trees, and are most closely associated with the ancient sacred oak worshipped by the Druids.

Fairies probably live here

Fairies don't like to be seen

Fairies like not to be seen and they don’t like to have their names known or spoken. Fairies can be full of nasty tricks at times. Often, human beings, never knowing when an invisible fairy might be hovering nearby, would refer to them euphemistically as "The Good People" or "The Good Neighbors" in hopes that perhaps the fairies would live up to these names!

Fairies were always thought eager to possess human children, and so it was believed that they would steal an unchristened, unprotected newborn, and leave a changeling in its place. Sometimes the changeling was a piece of wood, carved to resemble a child and cast with glamour to have a temporary appearance of life. Sometimes it was a sickly fairy babe, or an old and withered fairy. Children thought to be changelings were often beaten and left exposed on a fairy hill, burned, or otherwise tormented in an attempt to induce the fairy parents to change it back again. Only rarely did the human parents treat the "changeling" kindly, in the hope that their own child might be treated kindly in return.

Some children are taken by the fairies

Fairies don't like to be spied upon

Although capable of wicked deeds, fairies do have their own moral code, which they strictly enforce. They cannot abide attempts to spy on them, and will punish invasions of their privacy to the utmost of their fairy powers. Neither do they tolerate the theft of fairy treasure, or a lack of generosity. Fairies applaud neatness and orderly ways, and will pinch those who keep an untidy home. Fairies also disapprove of bad manners and ill tempers! Remember, You never know when a fairy may be watching!

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